National Park Posters’ History & Why People Collect Them

We all love National Parks. They are beautiful, soothing, calming, and rewarding. Whatever your age or level of adventurousness is, national parks will always be a haven and safe sanctuary.

When the hustle and bustle of the city life are already overwhelming, we retreat to parks where we can take a closer encounter with the beauty of nature and breathe fresher air.

National parks are perfect for resetting your body, mind, and spirit. You can have an awe-inspiring stargazing experience there since city lights dim the stars during the night. They are also exceptional for biking where you can access a lot of nature’s hidden gems.

National Park Posters - Set of 3 Framed - Rocky Mountains and Grand Teton and Joshua Tree

History of National Park Posters

Former National Park ranger Doug Leen found the first of his elusive silk-screened prints while he was in the Grand Tetons in 1973 cleaning out a ranger station. He happened to save one of the most prized posters from the trash. It was the original powder blue Jenny Lake version. 

He wondered where it came from and 20 years later, he found the answer to the mystery in the National Park archives in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. 

His search and discovery eventually led to a resurgence in the popularity of the images. Out of 14 designs, 12 original WPA-style prints were found. 

During the Great Depression in the 1930s, the Federal Arts Projects was founded as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. The deal’s mission was to help thousands of starving artists at the time to create art centers for their works and create community projects that will help preserve the parks and forests and their national heritage. 

In 1938, the National Park Service poster program was formed which was run under Dorr Yeager’s supervision. He was the Assistant Chief of the Museum Division of the Western Museum Laboratories at UC Berkeley.

Murals, paintings, photography, sculpture, and posters were retained and kept up to this day because of this program.

Rocky Mountains National Park Poster framed on green wall

Why People Collect National Park Posters & Prints

Learning about the rich history of the creation of national park posters, it is easy to understand why it became a very popular choice for collectors.

The best part of this resurgence is the modernization of those artistic prints. One of the most sought-after contemporary takes on vintage posters and prints is the highly extensive National Park Poster collection of This Art World.

Set of 2 National Park Posters in Frames in Living Room
The relaxing and soothing vibrant colors on each print depict the beauty of the parks while evoking emotions and nostalgia in vintage vignettes at the same time.

If you have wonderful memories with Yosemite National Park, you may choose between Yosemite Print and Yosemite Poster.

In this arsenal, you get to enjoy a long list of parks across the US, the UK, California, Canada, Utah, and Colorado. With over 181 prints and posters, you can surely find the parks that you are looking for.

How to Make Your Gallery Wall of National Park Posters

Collection of National Park Posters in a gallery wall setting

Our home is a place where we can store so many memories. One of the best ways to do that is to create a gallery wall of your favorite National Park Posters that are meaningful to you and your entire family.

This way, you can also showcase your passion for art prints while you get the chance to reminisce and relive your travels and experiences every day.

Want a gallery wall inside the comfort of your own home? First off, you have to collect several National Park Posters. Look for contemporary posters and prints and check to see if they match your style and personality. Many modern takes on vintage prints are minimalistic, rich in soothing tones that are easy on the eyes, and perfect for any interior decor.

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