Collecting Modern, Vintage, and Minimalist Travel Posters

There is already an overflowing satisfaction to traveling, but when you get the chance to keep and collect travel posters from places you’ve been to, it is a whole new wanderlust, heart-warming story.

Travel posters offer great accessibility to sceneries, landmarks, and above all, memories. They make a perfect memento to celebrate your journey and the experiences of your trip. 

Collecting Travel Poster Prints

How Travel Posters Started

Originally, travel posters were made for advertising purposes only. But, thanks to the ever-expanding world of art, we can now buy and collect travel posters and keep them in our safe space and humble abodes.

The creation of travel posters dates back to the 19th century when the use of high-speed color lithography by Jules Chéret was brought to the masses. This paved way for the application of art to industrial and commercial printing throughout Europe during the time. 

They were used to advertise everything from bicycles to absinthe.

To this day, we still use travel posters for advertisement, but with a fun twist. As expected of the ever-expanding world of art, travel posters have evolved and have now become collectibles, souvenirs, and vacation remembrances. 

Collecting Vintage Travel Posters

 Why Collect Travel Posters

There is no rocket science to finding a reason to collect travel posters. Truth be told, they offer so much to us than just a piece of print. They are more than that.

Travel posters, especially the retro and vintage style ones, remain a highly collectible niche of the antique market. They are a great investment because they are considered to be an appreciating asset. 

They are priced high and continue to appreciate because you are basically paying for the nostalgia of a certain era and for artistry. Collectors can choose from a vast range of designs promoting domestic or world travel.

Vintage & Contemporary Travel Posters: Where to Find Them

Vintage & Contemporary Travel Posters: Where to Find Them

There is just so much to love about travel posters whether it is vintage, retro, or modern. Poster art has since evolved and continues to vary in style as fashions came and went. This includes art nouveau, art deco, and modernism. They were key styles to the era of travel posters.

Today, we get to enjoy this exemplary art form with a contemporary touch.

If you are looking for something that is out of the ordinary and makes a compelling emphasis to travel destinations with a modern yet minimalistic touch, then you might want to start collecting drawn and painted travel posters.

In this complete and extensive collection of World Travel Posters, you get to curate your own gallery at home or office and bask anytime in the glorious memories of your favorite places.

The eco-friendly collection is extremely wide including the USA where you can get the lovely New York City skyline poster, the UK’s majestic Edinburgh, Europe’s famous and romantic Paris, Canada’s Niagara Falls, Central America’s Costa Rica print, South America, Asia, Australasia, and Africa. Browse the complete catalog and prepare to be mesmerized by the beauty of the world on soothing wall prints.

How to Curate Your Own Travel Poster Gallery at Home

How to collect your own gallery wall of travel posters

These artistic vignettes are made to evoke emotions, relive happy memories, and bring aspirations. Start collecting your travel posters and adorn your home and offices. Display your favorite journeys and share them with the people you love.

To get started, look for the perfect wall to display your collection. Make sure you hang or keep them in clean lines. If you wish to make a real statement, go bold by using black frames and tying different designs together for maximum visual impact.

You may choose to display them in the living area so your guests can take a good look at them.

Another way to curate your most-loved travel poster is to put it on a center stage by displaying it on a vintage easel. There is no limit to your creativity so display it however you see fit.

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